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PresidentMasao Kameyama
Director Kazuhiro Takeuchi
Address1-10-17, Hiko-Town, Izumi-City, Osaka, Japan
EstablishmentNovember 11, 1955
Number of Beds380 beds
Clinical DepartmentsGeneral Medicine・ Rheumatology・ Respiratory Medicine・ Cardiology・ Gastroenterology & Hepatology・ Hematology・ Endocrinology / Diabetes and Metabolism・ Pediatrics・ Surgery・ Orthopedics・ Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery・ Neurosurgery / Neurology・ Cardiovascular Surgery・ Dermatology・ Urology・ Obstetrics・ Gynecology・ Ophthalmology・ Rehabilitaion・ Anesthesiology・ Dialysis Center・ Endoscopy Center・ Emergency Medicine・ Diagnostic Imaging・ Radiation Oncology・ Clinical Laboratory・ Pathology・ Clinical Oncology


Excellent hospital – Our mission is to be “the best.”
Not just to be good or better, but to be the best.
We strive to be the most excellent hospital as recognized by everyone.


We, Fuchu Hospital, are an acute general hospital with a strong relationship with the community we serve as a flagship hospital in the southern Osaka region.

As a regional medical care support hospital, we provide safe and reliable medical services for patients and community medical institutions in line with the increasing needs of our community, including a 24-hour emergency medical system.

We provide medical services based on the following philosophy: “We provide love, medical care, and welfare ”; “Our community and hospital staff work together and develop together as the same team”; and “We provide caring and attentive services”. Our patients and medical staff form strong relationships of trust and this helps to develop our team medical care system.

We believe in fully joined-up health care in the community. As such, we strive to achieve high-quality, integrated, and complete health care within our community.


Reception Times

[AM] 8:00‐11:45
[PM] Reception times vary according to the department. Please contact us for further details.

Consulting Hours

[AM] 9:00‐
[PM] Consulting times vary according to the department. Please contact us for further details.


Sundays, Public Holidays, and New Year’s Holiday Season

Please be sure to present your health insurance card at the first-visit reception window on your first visit, as well as a referral letter if you have one.


※The following credit cards are accepted (lump-sum payment only).
MUFG Card, DC Card, UFJ Card, NICOS Card, VISA, MasterCard, JCB Card, Saison Card, American Express


By Train & Bus

  • From ”Izumi-Fuchu station” on the JR Hanwa Line: 2 minutes’ walk from the west exit.
  • From “Izumi-Otsu station” on the Nankai Main Line: Take a Nankai bus for Chichioni or Izumi-Otsu Komyoike and alight at the “Izumi-Fuchu Ekimae” bus stop. The hospital is 3 minutes’ walk away.
  • From “Izumi-Chuo station” on the Senboku Rapid Railway: Take a Nankai bus (for Izumi-Otsu Ekimae) and alight at the “Izumi-Fuchu Ekimae” bus stop. It is about 3 minutes’ walk to the hospital.
  • From JR Osaka: Approximately 50 minutes by JR rapid line (approximately 5 minutes from Shin-Osaka station to Osaka station by JR line)
  • From Kansai International Airport: Approximately 20 minutes by JR rapid line. From Wakayama: Approximately 20 minutes by JR rapid line

By Car

From Osaka

After passing Hanwa-Toyonaka intersection on Japan National Route 26, enter the side road and turn left at Anada intersection. Do not enter the underpass. Take the side road and keep going straight.

From Wakayama

After passing Itahara intersection on Japan National Route 26, enter the side road and turn right at Anada intersection. Do not enter the underpass but enter the side road and continue straight ahead.

  • From City of Osaka: Approximately 50 minutes on the Hanshin Expressway Route 15 Sakai Line and Japan National Route 26
  • From Sannomiya: Approximately 60 minutes on the Hanshin Expressway Route 4 Bayshore Line
  • From Suita junction of the Meishin Expressway and Chugoku Expressway: Approximately 60 minutes, passing Kinki Expressway Matsubara junction, Hanwa Expressway Sakai junction, Sakaisenboku way, and National Route 26.


If you are approaching from Osaka Prefectural Road Route 30 Osaka-Izumi-Sennan Line (Route 13),turn right at Anada intersection and bypass Anada-Kita intersection.

  • If you are taking Route 26 when leaving,bypass road (A).
  • From the car park building to Osaka prefectural Route 30 Osaka-Izumi-Sennan line (Route 13),bypass road (B).


Visitor Restrictions

For the purpose of strengthening prevention of nosocomial infection due to COVID-19,visiting in-patients is prohibited until further notice.
Than you for your understanding and cooperation.

Visiting hours

Visiting hours are as follows.

Weekdays  15:00-20:00

Sundays & Public Holidays  10:00-20:00

  • ※Our visiting hours are designed to enable us to provide the optimum level of care and treatment for patients. We appreciate your cooperation in respecting the visiting hours.
  • ※Please refrain from staying for extended periods or visiting in a group. Please supervise your children to prevent disturbance to other patients.
  • ※It is strictly forbidden for visitors to smoke in hospital room units, visit while under the influence of alcohol, or bring pets such as dogs into the hospital.
weekdays  15:00-20:00
Sundays & Public Holidays  10:00-20:00